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11/05/24Help-Festival / 74722 Buchen (GER)6pm
22/02/24Colos Saal / 63739 Aschaffenburg (GER) Support Danner & Drowning Suns8pm
29/07/23Kinzigstrand-Festival / 77731 Willstädt (GER)7pm
27/05/23Bienenmarkt / 64720 Michelstadt (GER)8pm
20/05/23Help-Festival / 74722 Buchen (GER)7pm
25/03/23Hello Spring Open Air / 74722 Buchen (GER)7pm
29/08/22Stadtfest Aschaffenburg (feat. Drowning Suns) / 63739 AB (GER)4pm
26/03/22Stand-Up-Festival / 74722 Buchen (GER)6pm
28/05/22Help-Festival / 74722 Buchen (GER)4pm
15/07/22Kinzigstrand-Festival / 77731 Willstätt (GER)6pm

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KrizRok-Interview on German Radiostation Primaton

Kriz is part of the Radio Primaton Nachmittagsshow with Marcus Braun on 21/06/2022
3-4PM! Listen on 100,5 MHz 🙂

New Single Gimme The Fear released on 22th of February 2024

KrizRok Gimme The Fear 2024


KrizRok is part of Radio Bob Newcomer Stream 🙂


Welcome to the world of the Aschaffenburg band KrizRok, who have been conquering the music world with their charismatic charisma and dynamic music since 2020. In the style of a classic rock line-up, the four musicians Chris (vocals, guitar), Steffen (guitar), Andy (bass), Maggus (keys) and Alex (drums) play energetic pop rock with a guaranteed catchy tune.

The band members are all well-known faces from the Aschaffenburg and surrounding music scene. KrizRok impresses live with an energetic show and has already proven this at several festivals and events.

But maybe you already know KrizRok from the radio – the band has had several interviews and song performances on German radio stations such as Bayern 3, Radio Primaton and Radiobob.


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