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KrizRok LIVE 2022

29/07/23Kinzigstrand-Festival / 77731 Willstädt (GER)7pm
27/05/23Bienenmarkt / 64720 Michelstadt (GER)8pm
20/05/23Help-Festival / 74722 Buchen (GER)7pm
25/03/23Hello Spring Open Air / 74722 Buchen (GER)7pm
29/08/22Stadtfest Aschaffenburg (feat. Drowning Suns) / 63739 AB (GER)4pm
26/03/22Stand-Up-Festival / 74722 Buchen (GER)6pm
28/05/22Help-Festival / 74722 Buchen (GER)4pm
15/07/22Kinzigstrand-Festival / 77731 Willstätt (GER)6pm

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KrizRok-Interview on German Radiostation Primaton

Kriz is part of the Radio Primaton Nachmittagsshow with Marcus Braun on 21/06/2022
3-4PM! Listen on 100,5 MHz 🙂

New Single Lie to me released on 19th of January 2022

KrizRok “Lie to me” 2022

Brand New Single “Goodbye” released on 24th of September 2021

KrizRok “Goodbye” 2021

KrizRok is part of Radio Bob Newcomer Stream 🙂

Single “Feeling” release on 18th of September

KrizRok “Feeling” 2020

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This artist cannot be pigeonholed musically – and he doesn’t want to. “Music has to inspire” – that is the motto of KrizRok. Modern songs and lyrics paired with classic sounds are his flagship. “In my songs I don’t feel like any grids or restrictions – I bring my ideas out of my head into the studio”. The artist used the corona shutdown to complete his debut album. He was supported by experienced friends and fellow musicians.

Kriz grew up in the culturally shaped city Aschaffenburg located in the middle of Germany. He was touring through the country acting as guitarist and vocalist with several bands.


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